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Debbie Macomber New Beginnings Series in Order

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Debbie Macomber’s ‘New Beginnings’ series, a collection of four standalone novels, presents stories that focus on themes of resilience, forgiveness, and love. This article will explore each book in the order of their publication, providing an overview of the distinct storylines and characters that Macomber has created. Starting with “Last One Home” and concluding with “Any Dream Will Do,” we will look at how each novel portrays the challenges and triumphs of its characters. These books, while independent in their narratives, share common themes of personal growth and the possibility of new beginnings in life. Join us as we explore the engaging and heartfelt world of the ‘New Beginnings’ series, highlighting the journey of each book and its contribution to this beloved collection.

Debbie Macomber New Beginnings Series in Order

  1. Last One Home (2015)
  2. A Girl’s Guide to Moving On (2016)
  3. If Not for You (2017)
  4. Any Dream Will Do (2017)

Similar Authors

  • “The Life She Wants” by Robyn Carr – This novel tells the story of Emma Shay Compton, who, after a series of personal setbacks, returns to her hometown to start over. It’s a tale of forgiveness, second chances, and rebuilding one’s life, much like the themes in Macomber’s series. See also: Virgin River Series by Robyn Carr.
  • “Rainy Day Sisters” by Kate Hewitt – This book is the first in the ‘Hartley-by-the-Sea’ series and focuses on two sisters, Lucy and Juliet, who reunite in a small English village. It explores themes of sisterhood, reconciliation, and starting anew, reminiscent of the familial and emotional journeys in Macomber’s works.
  • “The Bookshop on the Corner” by Jenny Colgan – This novel features Nina Redmond, a librarian who, after losing her job, moves to a small village in Scotland to run a mobile bookshop. It’s a story about finding love and happiness in unexpected places and the joy of beginning anew, aligning with the uplifting and transformative narratives in the ‘New Beginnings’ series. See also: Jenny Colgan’s Mure Books in Order.

Most Recommended Books

  1. Any Dream Will Do (4.00 Goodreads score)
  2. A Girl’s Guide to Moving On (3.94 Goodreads score)
  3. Last One Home 3.92 (Goodreads score)
  4. If Not for You 3.84 (Goodreads score)


Debbie Macomber won the RITA Award in 2003 for “The Christmas Basket,” received a romance award based on fan votes in 2005, and has been awarded the B. Dalton Award three times.

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Book Summaries

Last One Home

Cassie Carter made a mistake in choosing the wrong man twelve years ago, causing her and her sisters to drift apart. Now, Cassie is back in Washington with her daughter, hoping to move on from her past. Despite not expecting to see her sisters, she receives a letter from Karen, the oldest, offering a chance for reconciliation. As Cassie embraces new opportunities and seeks forgiveness, she discovers the power of compassion and the hope for a fresh start.

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A Girl’s Guide to Moving On

"A Girl's Guide to Moving On" is a story about two women, Leanne and Nichole, who find themselves facing the aftermath of divorce. Together, they create a list to help them move forward and rebuild their lives. As time goes on, Leanne develops a special connection with Nikolai, one of her language students, while Nichole learns to trust again with Rocco, a kind-hearted man who is different from her ex-husband. Just when they think they have found happiness, unexpected challenges arise, threatening their newfound contentment.

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If Not for You

Beth's life takes a turn when she decides to take control of her own destiny, thanks to her overbearing parents. With the help of her friend Nichole, Beth meets Sam Carney, a tattooed mechanic who is the complete opposite of what her parents would approve of. When Beth finds herself in a life-threatening situation, it is Sam who comes to her rescue and they fall in love. However, Sam's troubled past makes it difficult for him to trust women again.

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Any Dream Will Do

"Any Dream Will Do" is a story about two unlikely friends who find solace in each other as they strive to overcome their troubled pasts. Shay Benson, who always looked out for her younger brother, finds herself in a difficult situation after trying to protect him. Drew Douglas, still grieving the loss of his wife, focuses solely on his children. When Shay and Drew cross paths, they both discover a chance for a fresh start. As they support each other, they find renewed purpose and hope. However, their newfound happiness is threatened when a devastating secret is revealed. To protect the bright future they dream of, Shay and Drew must rely on their strength, faith, and trust.

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