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Jenny Colgan Mure Books in Order

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The “Mure” series by Jenny Colgan is set on the remote Scottish island of Mure and centers on the life of Flora MacKenzie. After living in the fast-paced city of London, Flora decides to return to her childhood home on Mure. Once back, she starts her own café and faces the challenges of running a business. Her return strengthens her relationship with her family and allows her to evaluate her personal goals. Alongside Flora’s story, the series introduces other residents of Mure. The books focus on the interactions, challenges, and bonds formed among the island’s residents.

Mure Books in Order

Jenny Colgan Mure Series

  1. A Very Distant Shore (2017)
  2. The Cafe by the Sea (2017)
  3. The Endless Beach (2018)
  4. Christmas on the Island (2019)
  5. Christmas at the Island Hotel (2021)
  6. An Island Wedding (2023)

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Most Recommended Books

  1. An Island Wedding  (Mure Series, #6) (3.95 Goodreads score)
  2. The Endless Beach (Mure Series, #3) (3.91 Goodreads score)
  3. The Cafe by the Sea (Mure Series, #2) (3.87 Goodreads score)
  4. Christmas on the Island (Mure Series, #4) (3.81 Goodreads score)
  5. Christmas at the Island Hotel (Mure Series, #5) (3.76 Goodreads score)


Jenny Colgan received the Romantic Novel of the Year award in 2013 for Welcome to Rosie Hopkins’ Sweetshop of Dreams, was inducted into the Love Stories Hall of Fame in 2015, and won the Romantic Novelists’ Association award for Comedy Novel of the Year in 2018 for The Summer Seaside Kitchen.

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Book Summaries

A Very Distant Shore

"A Very Distant Shore" tells the story of Lorna, who lives on the small Scottish island of Mure. The island is known for its peaceful and close-knit community, but when the local doctor retires, nobody wants to take his place because Mure is too small and isolated. Meanwhile, far away in a crowded camp, Saif, a refugee and doctor, is treating a young boy with a serious injury. Saif is exactly what Mure needs, and he is welcomed to the island. However, Saif must confront his past and find a sense of belonging. Over the course of one summer, Saif's presence will transform Mure and forever change Lorna's life.

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The Cafe by the Sea

"The Cafe by the Sea" is a heartwarming story about Flora, who left her quiet Scottish island years ago to pursue a new life in London. However, fate brings her back to the island, where she is reunited with her loud and chaotic family. Amidst the chaos, Flora discovers a love for cooking and decides to restore a little cafe by the sea. As the seasons change, Flora must confront her past mistakes and figure out what her future holds.

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The Endless Beach

"The Endless Beach" is a heartwarming and unpredictable novel about Flora MacKenzie, who left her unhappy job in London to live on a remote Scottish island called Mure. Unexpectedly, her boss Joel follows her to the island and they begin to explore a romantic relationship. As Flora prepares for the next stage of her life, she experiences the joy of seeing whales off the coast of Mure, but also fears that it may be a sign of an uncertain future.

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Christmas on the Island

"Christmas on the Island" takes place on the remote Scottish island of Mure during the Christmas season. Despite the harsh weather, the island is filled with festive and beautiful celebrations. Flora, who accidentally became pregnant by her ex-boss, is unsure how to tell him. Will she find the courage to reveal the truth during this time of peace and cheer? Meanwhile, Saif, a refugee from Syria, is trying to enjoy his first western Christmas with his sons, but his wife is still missing. Can the family find comfort and joy without her?

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Christmas at the Island Hotel

In "Christmas at the Island Hotel" readers are taken back to the charming island of Mure, located between Scotland and Norway. Flora MacKenzie and her brother Fintan are working tirelessly to prepare the new hotel for its grand opening just in time for Christmas. In the hotel's bustling kitchens, two unlikely friends, Isla Gregor and Konstantin Pederson, form a bond. Isla, a hardworking waitress, dreams of a better life at the fancy hotel, while Konstantin, secretly the son of a duke, is learning the value of hard work. As the island's residents and special guests come together for the hotel's gala, Christmas cheer fills the air, along with a few hidden secrets.

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An Island Wedding

An Island Wedding is a heartwarming story set on the picturesque Scottish island of Mure. Flora MacKenzie and her fiancé Joel are excitedly planning a small and intimate wedding with their closest loved ones. However, not everyone on the island is thrilled about being left out. Things become even more complicated when Olivia MacDonald, a former island resident, returns with her wealthy fiancé and a grand wedding plan. Determined to have the most extravagant wedding, Olivia wants to book Flora's hotel for the same weekend as Flora's own wedding. As the summer solstice approaches, Flora must navigate the challenges of others' happiness while still ensuring her own special day is everything she dreamed of.

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