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Debbie Macomber’s From This Day Forward Series in Order 

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Debbie Macomber’s ‘From This Day Forward’ series is a collection of novels that explore the complexities of love, choices, and unexpected relationships. This series, which includes “First Comes Love,” “Bride Wanted,” and “Marriage Wanted,” focuses on characters who find themselves in unconventional situations that challenge their beliefs about love and commitment.

The series begins with a business arrangement that evolves into something more in “First Comes Love,” where practical decisions lead to emotional discoveries. In “Bride Wanted,” a journey to Alaska becomes a path to understanding true companionship. The series concludes with “Marriage Wanted,” where contrasting beliefs about marriage lead to a surprising partnership.

Each book in the series is characterized by simple yet engaging storytelling, providing insights into how different individuals navigate the complexities of relationships. The stories are set against various backdrops, adding distinct elements to each narrative.

This article provides an overview of the ‘From This Day Forward’ series, highlighting how each story presents a unique take on the challenges and surprises of love. Join us as we explore the journeys of Debbie Macomber’s characters as they discover the depths of their hearts and the unexpected turns of life.

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Debbie Macomber From This Day Forward Series in Order

  1. First Comes Love (1993)
  2. Bride Wanted (1993)
  3. Marriage Wanted (1993)

Authors Similar to Debbie Macomber

  • “The Marriage Bargain” by Jennifer Probst – This novel features a marriage of convenience between a billionaire and a bookstore owner, which starts as a business arrangement but gradually evolves into a deeper emotional bond, similar to the themes in Macomber’s series.
  • “The Convenient Marriage” by Georgette Heyer – Set in the Regency era, this book tells the story of a young woman who enters into a marriage of convenience with an earl to solve her family’s financial problems. As with Macomber’s series, it explores the unexpected development of love and understanding in a marriage that begins as a mere arrangement.
  • “Married by Morning” by Lisa Kleypas – Part of the Hathaways series, this historical romance novel revolves around a relationship that begins with animosity and evolves into love, echoing the themes of unexpected emotional connections and evolving relationships found in Macomber’s series.

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Most Recommended Books

  1. First Comes Love (4.15 Goodreads score)
  2. Marriage Wanted (4.03 Goodreads score)
  3. Bride Wanted (3.92 Goodreads score)


Debbie Macomber was honored with the RITA Award in 2003 for her book “The Christmas Basket,” which won a romance award based on fan votes in 2005, and has been awarded the B. Dalton Award three times.

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Book Summaries

First Comes Love

Julia Conrad, a businesswoman in Seattle, finds herself in need of Russian biochemist Aleksandr Berinski's expertise. However, Aleksandr's visa is about to expire, so Julia proposes a solution - they get married, but only for business purposes. However, Aleksandr insists on a real marriage, while Julia is hesitant to open her heart.

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Bride Wanted

"Bride Wanted" is a story about Lesley Campbell, who isn't interested in empty promises. When she sees a billboard offering an escape to Alaska by marrying frontiersman Chase Goodman, she sees it as a way to solve her problems. However, as Lesley and Chase spend time together, she begins to develop feelings for him and appreciates his companionship during the long nights in the north.

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Marriage Wanted

Nash Davenport is a divorce attorney who has a negative view of marriage. He believes that no couple can truly fulfill their marriage vows. On the other hand, wedding planner Savannah Charles strongly believes in the importance of marriage and its values. Despite their contrasting views, Savannah surprisingly agrees to Nash's business proposal of marriage.

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