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Debbie Macomber Rose Harbor Series in Order

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The Rose Harbor series by Debbie Macomber is a spin-off from her popular Cedar Cove series. Set in Cedar Cove, the series revolves around the Rose Harbor Inn and its owner, Jo Marie Rose. Starting with “The Inn at Rose Harbor,” readers are introduced to Jo Marie and the inn, which becomes a place of refuge and new beginnings for its guests. The series explores the lives of these guests, intertwining their stories with Jo Marie’s personal journey of self-discovery and healing.

Debbie Macomber’s writing in the Rose Harbor series continues her focus on themes of love, loss, and human relationships, with well-developed characters each undergoing their own emotional journeys. This connection between the characters and the readers is a hallmark of Macomber’s storytelling, making the series a heartwarming exploration of life’s challenges and the power of hope.

Whether you are exploring this series for the first time or revisiting it, this article presents a guide to the Rose Harbor series.

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Debbie Macomber Rose Harbor Series in Order

  1. When First They Met (2012)
  2. The Inn at Rose Harbor (2012)
  3. Lost and Found in Cedar Cove (2013)
  4. Rose Harbor in Bloom (2013)
  5. Love Letters (2014)
  6. Falling for Her (2015)
  7. Silver Linings (2015)
  8. Sweet Tomorrows (2016)

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Most Recommended Books

  1. Sweet Tomorrows (4.15 Goodreads score)
  2. Rose Harbor in Bloom (4.07 Goodreads score)
  3. Silver Linings (4.06 Goodreads score)
  4. Falling for Her (4.05 Goodreads score)
  5. Love Letters (4.04 Goodreads score)


Debbie Macomber is an award-winning author, having received the RITA Award in 2003 for “The Christmas Basket,” a fan-voted romance award in 2005, and the B. Dalton Award on three separate occasions.

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Book Summaries

When First They Met

"When First They Met" is a story about Jo Marie and Paul, who meet at a Seattle Seahawks' game and instantly feel a connection. Despite their similarities, there is one obstacle in their path - Paul's upcoming deployment in the military. Jo Marie must decide if she is willing to take a chance on love, no matter the risks involved.

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The Inn at Rose Harbor

Jo Marie Barlow finds solace in the Rose Harbour Inn and hopes it can provide the same comfort to her first two guests. Joshua Weaver returns home to care for his stepfather and discovers that forgiveness and love can blossom unexpectedly. Abby Kinkaid, who left Cedar Cove after a tragic accident, learns the importance of letting go of the past in order to embrace her future.

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Lost and Found in Cedar Cove

Jo Marie Rose is preparing her inn for spring. When she faces a difficult situation, she turns to her new friends Grace and Olivia for support. Jo Marie plans to create a beautiful rose garden with the help of handyman Mark Taylor, despite their differences. However, when Jo Marie's rescue dog, Rover, goes missing, Mark unexpectedly leaves. Worried for Rover's safety and confused by Mark's behavior, Jo Marie embarks on a search throughout Cedar Cove. Little does she know, Rover's adventure will lead to a delightful surprise for two unlikely individuals.

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Rose Harbor in Bloom

Jo Marie, the innkeeper, has created a beautiful rose garden in memory of her late husband and finds solace in the company of handyman Mark. As new guests arrive, including Annie who is struggling with a broken engagement and Mary who is seeking to make amends with her lost love, the women learn that sometimes finding where you truly belong requires venturing far from home.

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Love Letters

Ellie travels to Rose Harbor to meet a man she has been writing to. However, he reveals a secret that makes her question their relationship. Meanwhile, Maggie and her husband have grown apart, but a love letter from their past may help them find the spark they have lost. Jo Marie, who lost her husband in Afghanistan, finds the courage to revisit the last letter he sent her and finally sees a future ahead of her.

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Falling for Her

"Falling for Her" is a short story that is part of the Rose Harbor series. The story follows Mark Taylor, a handyman who has come to Cedar Cove to escape his painful past. When he meets Jo Marie Rose, the owner of the Rose Harbor Inn, his life takes an unexpected turn. Jo Marie hires Mark to do carpentry work at the inn, but as they spend more time together, Mark finds himself falling for her. However, he is torn between his hidden secrets and his guarded heart. When Mark breaks his leg, he has no choice but to rely on Jo Marie for help, and their connection grows even stronger.

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Silver Linings

Jo Marie Rose, the owner of the Rose Harbor Inn, is intrigued by handyman Mark Taylor, but he keeps his past a secret and announces he's leaving town. As Jo Marie tries to convince him to stay, two old friends, Coco and Katie, return to Cedar Cove to confront their pasts and find closure. Coco wants to confront the boy who broke her heart, while Katie hopes to reconnect with her old boyfriend. Through their journeys, they learn that people can change and that unexpected possibilities lie ahead.

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Sweet Tomorrows

In "Sweet Tomorrows" Jo Marie finds herself uncertain about the future after her love interest, Mark, leaves Rose Harbor. Determined to move forward, Jo Marie tries to adjust to life without him at the Rose Harbor Inn. Meanwhile, Emily, who is also dealing with heartbreak, hopes that a long stay at the inn will help her find her way again. Unexpectedly, she forms a bond with a neighbor and questions whether she is ready to take a chance on love. As always, the Rose Harbor Inn proves to be a place of healing and may just work its magic once more.

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