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Travis McKinley Series in Order

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The Travis McKinley series by James Patterson is a set of novels focusing on the character Travis McKinley and his experiences with golf. The first book, “Miracle on the 17th Green,” introduces McKinley as he discovers his talent in golf, which significantly changes his life and that of his family.

In the sequel, “Miracle at Augusta,” Travis faces challenges following his surprising success in golf. The story shows him dealing with personal issues and a feeling of being out of place in his new life. He finds hope and a sense of purpose as a young golfer, leading to personal growth.

The series continues with “Miracle at St. Andrews,” where Travis goes to the famous St. Andrews golf course. This book focuses on his efforts to find meaning and success in his life, both in and outside of golf.

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Travis McKinley Series in Order

  1. Miracle on the 17th Green (1996)
  2. Miracle at Augusta (2015)
  3. Miracle at St. Andrews (2019)

Similar Authors

  • “The Back Nine” by Billy Mott: This book is about Charlie McLeod, a former golfer who faces challenges in his personal and professional life. The story follows his attempt to revive his golf career and navigate his personal difficulties.
  • “Golf’s Sacred Journey: Seven Days at the Links of Utopia” by David L. Cook: This novel features a young golfer who, after failing in a professional tournament, meets a mentor in Texas who teaches him about golf and life. The book is about learning and personal development through the game of golf.
  • “The Match: The Day the Game of Golf Changed Forever” by Mark Frost: Although a non-fiction book, it provides a detailed account of a significant golf match in 1956. It focuses on the history of golf and the personal stories of famous golfers, similar to the way the Travis McKinley series weaves golf into the narrative of personal life stories.

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Most Recommended Books

  1. Miracle at St. Andrews (3.73 Goodreads score)
  2. Miracle on the 17th Green (3.71 Goodreads score)
  3. Miracle at Augusta (3.56 Goodreads score)


James Patterson has been honored with several awards, including the Literarian Award from the National Book Foundation in 2015 and 2022, the National Humanities Medal in 2019, and accolades like the Edgar Award, the Thriller of the Year, and the Children’s Choice Book Award for Author of the Year.

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James Patterson enthusiasts can anticipate a series of new releases, starting with “Cross Out” on November 20, 2023, and “What Really Happens in Vegas” on December 4, 2023. The new year brings “Holmes, Miss Marple, and Poe Investigations” and “Middle School: Million Dollar Mess” on January 8, 2024, followed by “Tiger, Tiger” on February 12, 2024. These upcoming books promise to be exciting additions to Patterson’s work.

Book Summaries

Miracle on the 17th Green

"Miracle on the 17th Green" tells the story of Travis McKinley, a man whose life feels disconnected and unfulfilled. However, everything changes when he plays a round of golf on Christmas Day and discovers his hidden talent. Suddenly, Travis finds himself competing in the PGA Senior Open at Pebble Beach, where a miraculous event occurs that transforms his life and his family's future.

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Miracle at Augusta

"Miracle at Augusta" tells the story of Travis McKinley, a once unknown amateur golfer who shocked the world by winning the PGA Senior Open. Now famous and making a living playing the game he loves, Travis feels like a fraud and struggles with personal setbacks. However, a chance for redemption comes in the form of a troubled teenager with a natural golf swing. Together, they embark on a journey to achieve the impossible on a renowned golf course, teaching Travis that miracles can happen when no one is watching.

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Miracle at St. Andrews

"Miracle at St. Andrews" is a novel about Travis McKinley who embarks on a journey to the legendary St. Andrews golf course in search of greatness. As a former professional golfer who feels like an amateur in other aspects of life, Travis believes that St. Andrews holds the key to unlocking his potential.

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