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Melinda Leigh Scarlet Falls Series in Order 

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Melinda Leigh’s “Scarlet Falls Series” takes readers to the town of Scarlet Falls, where each book unveils a new adventure in crime-solving. Leigh’s straightforward writing ensures that readers can easily dive into the stories, cheering for characters as they tackle challenges and unravel mysteries. Beyond the thrills of each investigation, the series also gives a peek into the personal lives of the characters, making them feel all the more real. Wondering where to start or the best order to read them? Don’t worry! This article has got you covered, guiding you through the sequence of the books for an enjoyable reading journey.

Melinda Leigh Scarlet Falls Books in Order

Scarlet Falls Series

  1. Hour of Need (2014)
  2. Minutes to Kill (2015)
  3. Seconds to Live (2016)

Morgan Dane Series (Scarlet Falls spin-off series)

  1. Say You’re Sorry (2017)
  2. Her Last Goodbye (2017)
  3. Bones Don’t Lie (2018)
  4. What I’ve Done (2018)
  5. Secrets Never Die (2019)
  6. Save Your Breath (2019)

Bree Taggert Series (Set in the same world as the Scarlet Falls)

  1. Her Second Death (2021)
  2. Cross Her Heart (2020)
  3. See Her Die (2020)
  4. Drown Her Sorrows (2021)
  5. Right Behind Her (2021)
  6. Dead Against Her (2022)
  7. Lie To Her (2023)
  8. Catch Her Death (2023)
  9. On Her Watch (2024)
  10. Track Her Down (2025)
  11. Beyond Her Reach (2025)

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Most Recommended Books

  1. Seconds to Live (Scarlet Falls, #3) (4.38 Goodreads score)
  2. Minutes to Kill (Scarlet Falls, #2) (4.36 Goodreads score)
  3. Hour of Need (Scarlet Falls, #1) (4.31 Goodreads score)


Melinda Leigh’s novel “She Can Run” was nominated for Best First Novel by the International Thriller Writers in 2012, and she has also received two Silver Falchions and three Golden Leaf Awards, as well as being a two-time RITA Award Finalist and earning three Daphne du Maurier Award nominations.

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Hour of Need

In "Hour of Need" Major Grant Barrett returns home from Afghanistan to care for his orphaned nephew and niece after his brother and sister-in-law are murdered. When someone tries to kidnap the children and their babysitter, Grant realizes it's not a random act. Ellie Ross, devastated by her neighbors' deaths and the attempted abduction of her daughter, seeks Grant's help. As they search for the truth, they also grapple with their feelings for each other and the impending return to Afghanistan. With time running out, they must find the killer before the children are targeted next.

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Minutes to Kill

In "Minutes to Kill" corporate attorney Hannah Barrett witnesses a kidnapping in Las Vegas and is haunted by her inability to save the young girl. Seeking a distraction, she returns to her hometown in Scarlet Falls, only to discover that the kidnappers are now targeting her. As chilling emails about the victim start appearing in her inbox, Hannah realizes that the events in Vegas have followed her home. Turning to Detective Brody McNamara for help, they find themselves drawn closer together as they work to solve both the kidnapping and a brutal murder. However, their growing feelings for each other put them at risk when these seemingly unrelated cases collide.

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Seconds to Live

"Seconds to Live" is a thriller that follows wildlife biologist Mac Barrett as he returns to his hometown of Scarlet Falls after receiving news of his father's death. Seeking solace in his remote cabin, Mac's plans are disrupted when he narrowly avoids running over a naked woman lying in the road. However, when he regains consciousness, the body is nowhere to be found. Police detective Stella Dane is determined to uncover the truth, especially when Mac's description matches that of a missing woman. As they join forces, they must unravel the mystery of the disappearing body and catch a dangerous kidnapper before it's too late. With a personal connection to the case, Mac and Stella are in a race against time to stop a psychotic killer with a deadly message.

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Say You’re Sorry

"Say You're Sorry" is a book in the Morgan Dane Series, which is a spin-off of the Scarlet Falls series. The story follows former prosecutor Morgan Dane as she faces the most personal and dangerous case of her life. After the loss of her husband, Morgan returns to her hometown of Scarlet Falls for comfort. However, her peaceful life is shattered when her babysitter is murdered and her neighbor's son, Nick, is accused of the crime. Despite the evidence against him, Morgan believes in Nick's innocence and enlists the help of her friend Lance Kruger, a former cop turned private eye. Together, they dive into the investigation, facing opposition from the town, the police, and a determined district attorney. As they uncover shocking secrets, Morgan and Lance become targets of a deranged killer hiding in plain sight.

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Her Last Goodbye

In "Her Last Goodbye" fearless attorney Morgan Dane and her partner are faced with a troubling case of a young mother who mysteriously disappears. Chelsea Clark, a devoted mother, goes out for a night with her friends and never returns. Her husband, who is also the main suspect, hires Morgan to find his wife and prove his innocence. As a single mother herself, Morgan feels a deep connection to Chelsea's family and is determined to locate her. She teams up with private investigator Lance Kruger, but as they delve deeper into the investigation, they uncover dangerous secrets. Morgan soon becomes the target of a violent predator, putting her loved ones in grave danger. Now, she must find the deranged criminal before he harms her own family, and the threat is closer than she thinks.

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Bones Don’t Lie

In "Bones Don't Lie" attorney Morgan Dane and PI Lance Kruger are faced with shocking evidence that hits close to home. Lance's father disappeared twenty-three years ago, and now his car has been found at the bottom of Grey Lake. However, the discovery of a skeleton in the trunk turns a cold missing person case into a murder investigation. As Lance and Morgan delve into the past, they uncover troubling questions and realize that someone is killing every witness connected to the crime. With a relentless killer on their trail, they must navigate dangerous territory to uncover the truth.

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What I’ve Done

"What I've Done" follows the story of Morgan Dane, a lawyer who takes on a challenging case. Morgan's new client, Haley Powell, wakes up covered in blood with no memory of the previous night. To make matters worse, she discovers a man stabbed to death in her backyard. With Haley appearing guilty due to incriminating evidence, Morgan must navigate through a web of clues and sabotage to prove her client's innocence. As she digs deeper, Morgan becomes convinced that Haley has been framed and that someone is determined to destroy their defense. With danger lurking at every turn, Morgan must uncover the truth before it's too late.

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Secrets Never Die

In "Secrets Never Die" Morgan Dane and Lance Kruger are determined to prove the innocence of a young murder suspect. The trouble is, they can't seem to locate him. When a retired sheriff's deputy is killed and Evan, the stepson, goes missing, all evidence points to him as the prime suspect. Evan's mother pleads with PI Lance Kruger for assistance, convinced of her son's innocence. Kruger and defense attorney Morgan Dane want to believe her, but the evidence against Evan is overwhelming. Just as the investigation reaches a dead end, another deputy disappears, revealing a shocking connection to Evan's stepfather. Lance and Morgan fear that Evan may be the next target of the killer. With numerous secrets to uncover, will they be able to find Evan before it's too late?

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Save Your Breath

"Save Your Breath" is a mystery novel that follows attorney Morgan Dane and PI Lance Kruger as they search for the missing true-crime writer, Olivia Cruz. With no signs of foul play, Olivia's boyfriend, Lincoln Sharp, seeks Morgan and Lance's help to find her. As they delve into Olivia's life, they uncover a surprising connection between her research and a client's suicide. With the list of suspects growing, Morgan and Lance race against time to locate Olivia before it's too late. However, they soon realize that they themselves may become the killer's next victims.

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Her Second Death

"Her Second Death" is a prequel to the Bree Taggert series. When a man is murdered, Bree and her new partner Dana Romano are called to the scene. As they dig deeper, they discover that the victim's daughter is missing. This case brings back painful memories from Bree's own troubled past, and she must confront her fears in order to find the missing child. This series is set in the same world as the Scarlet Falls and Morgan Dane series.

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Cross Her Heart

In "Cross Her Heart" Philadelphia detective Bree Taggert has spent years suppressing the traumatic memories of her parents' murder-suicide. However, when her sister Erin is killed in a similar fashion, Bree is determined to find the truth. With the help of Justin's old friend, Matt Flynn, Bree delves into her sister's life and uncovers dangerous secrets. As the investigation progresses, Bree's own family becomes a target, putting her life at risk.

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See Her Die

"See Her Die" is a thriller that follows new sheriff Bree Taggert as she investigates a perplexing crime. When called to a campground, Bree finds no shooter, no victim, and no blood, except for the testimony of a homeless teenager named Alyssa. With the help of former deputy Matt Flynn and his K-9, they uncover a battered corpse under the ice in Grey Lake, but it's not the person they were searching for. As more students go missing and bodies are discovered, Bree must find the connection between the victims and stop the murders fueled by rage. With Alyssa's life in danger, Bree races against time to find her before she becomes another victim.

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Drown Her Sorrows

"Drown Her Sorrows" follows Sheriff Bree Taggert as she investigates the death of a young woman named Holly Thorpe. Initially believed to be a suicide, the autopsy reveals a different story. As Bree and her investigator Matt Flynn dig deeper into the case, they uncover secrets in Holly's personal life that complicate their efforts to solve the murder. With a volatile marriage, a strained relationship with her sister, and an employer with a suspicious involvement, anyone could have a motive for murder. When Holly's sister becomes the target of a stalker and the prime suspect is found dead, Bree's case takes unexpected turns. As the killer gets closer to home, Bree and Matt must race against time to solve the murders before they become the next victims.

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Right Behind Her

"Right Behind Her" follows Sheriff Bree Taggert as she uncovers a dark secret from her past. When human bones are discovered on her family's abandoned farm, Bree's father becomes a suspect in a murder case that happened thirty years ago. As she delves deeper into the investigation, Bree realizes that she has unknowingly angered a dangerous killer who will stop at nothing to protect their secrets. With her niece's life at stake, Bree must confront the killer and protect her loved ones.

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Dead Against Her

In "Dead Against Her" Sheriff Bree Taggert is called to a remote farm to check on an elderly widow, only to discover a brutal double homicide. One of the victims is Eugene Oscar, a bitter and corrupt former deputy whom Bree had recently forced out of the department. Teaming up with criminal investigator Matt Flynn, Bree uncovers that she is not the only one with a troubled history with Eugene. However, someone is determined to stop Bree from uncovering the truth and launches a sinister campaign to ruin her reputation, career, family, and new relationship with Matt. As if things couldn't get worse, Bree becomes the prime suspect in Eugene's murder. With her chief deputy missing, Bree refuses to give up and must find the killer before she becomes the next target. The lives of her deputy and her own future hang in the balance as she faces a vengeful and dangerous adversary.

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Lie To Her

"Lie To Her" is a murder mystery that follows Sheriff Bree Taggert and criminal investigator Matt Flynn as they investigate the murder of a digital marketer. The victims, both involved in online dating, leave behind a trail of hurt and angry women. However, Bree and Matt suspect that there is more to the motive than meets the eye, as everyone they interview seems to be hiding something. As the list of suspects grows, the killer's anger escalates, and Bree receives a personal and deadly warning. With someone she loves targeted as the next victim, Bree and Matt must act quickly to catch the killer before it's too late.

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Catch Her Death

In "Catch Her Death" Bree Taggert who finds herself targeted by the vengeful family of a murderer she took down. Things become even more complicated when her best friend, Dana Romano, becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation. As Bree and investigator Matt Flynn work together to clear Dana's name, they uncover a shocking connection between the two cases. With deadly threats and another murder, Bree and Matt must race against time to catch the killer before it's too late.

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On Her Watch

"On Her Watch" is a thriller that follows Sheriff Bree Taggert and investigator Matt Flynn as they uncover a serial killer's dumping ground in the woods. When a pair of hikers stumble upon a tarp-wrapped body, Bree knows they must act quickly to stop the killer. As they delve deeper into the case, they encounter a missing best friend, a ransacked apartment, and escalating threats to Bree's family. With time running out, Bree and Matt must unravel the connection between the victims before more lives are lost.

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Track Her Down

"Track Her Down" follows a determined protagonist as she embarks on a mission to find someone. With suspenseful twists and turns, readers will be on the edge of their seats as they join the protagonist in her quest to uncover the truth.

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Beyond Her Reach

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