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The Detective Harriet Blue Series in Order

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James Patterson’s Detective Harriet Blue series is a set of novels focusing on Detective Harriet Blue. The first book, “Black & Blue,” features Harriet investigating a serial killer in Sydney, a case that affects both her personal and professional life.

In “Never Never,” Harriet takes on a case in the remote outback of Western Australia, which provides a contrast to her brother’s legal issues. “Fifty Fifty” sees Harriet working to prove her brother’s innocence, while also dealing with a dangerous situation in a small town. “Liar Liar” follows Harriet as she pursues Regan Banks, a serial killer linked to her brother’s problems.

The series concludes with “Hush,” where Harriet, now a prisoner, faces the challenges of prison life. She gets an opportunity for freedom in return for helping with a special case, showing a significant change in her circumstances and role.

The Detective Harriet Blue Series in Order

  1. Black & Blue (2016)
  2. Never Never (2016)
  3. Fifty Fifty (2017)
  4. Liar Liar (2018)
  5. Hush (2019)

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Most Recommended Books

  1. Black & Blue (3.93 Goodreads Score)
  2. Never Never (3.68 Goodreads Score)
  3. Fifty Fifty (3.92 Goodreads Score)
  4. Liar Liar (3.91 Goodreads Score)
  5. Hush (4.09 Goodreads Score)


James Patterson has received multiple awards throughout his career. He was awarded the Literarian Award from the National Book Foundation in both 2015 and 2022. In 2019, he received the National Humanities Medal. His other awards include the Edgar Award, Thriller of the Year, and the Children’s Choice Book Award for Author of the Year.

Upcoming Releases

Upcoming releases from James Patterson include “Cross Out” on November 20, 2023, and “What Really Happens in Vegas” on December 4, 2023. In 2024, two books, “Holmes, Miss Marple, and Poe Investigations” and “Middle School: Million Dollar Mess,” will be released on January 8, followed by “Tiger, Tiger” on February 12. These new books are expected to be engaging additions to Patterson’s body of work.

Book Summaries

Black & Blue

Detective Harriet Blue is determined to catch a notorious serial killer in Sydney. When a young woman is found dead, Harriet believes she could be the next target. However, as she investigates further, she discovers that the murder is not as straightforward as it seems. Harriet begins to suspect that her own life may be connected to the case, adding a personal stake to her pursuit of justice.

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Never Never

Detective Harriet Blue is in a hurry to leave town. Her brother is in custody for a series of brutal murders, and her boss wants to keep her away from the media. To keep her occupied, she is given a dangerous new case in the remote outback of Western Australia. Three young people have gone missing from a mine, and it's up to Harry to find them. However, she is still recovering from recent events and has a new partner who seems secretive. In this harsh environment, Harry is unsure who she can trust and is unaware of the imminent danger she is about to face.

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Fifty Fifty

"Fifty Fifty" follows Detective Harriet Blue as she fights to prove her brother's innocence in a series of brutal murders. Banished to a small outback town, Harriet discovers a diary outlining a horrifying plan to massacre the entire town. As the clock ticks, Harriet must race against time to solve the case and save the lives of the innocent. Meanwhile, a young woman holds the key to cracking the case, but she is held hostage by a dangerous madman. Will Harriet be able to unravel the truth and save her brother before it's too late?

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Liar Liar

"Liar Liar" follows Detective Harriet Blue as she seeks revenge on Regan Banks, the serial killer who ruined her brother's life. Determined to be the one to end his reign of terror, Harriet embarks on a dangerous journey along the Australian south coast to catch him. With her life on the line, Harriet is driven by one thing: revenge.

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"Hush" tells the story of Harriet Blue, a former detective who is now an inmate, labeled as inmate 3329. Harriet quickly realizes that prison is a dangerous place, especially for someone with her background. After a life-threatening fight and a lockdown, she is confronted by Deputy Police Commissioner Joe Woods, the man responsible for her imprisonment. However, Woods is not there to taunt her. Instead, he seeks Harriet's help in finding his missing daughter Tonya and her two-year-old child. In exchange for locating his family, Woods offers Harriet a chance at freedom.

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